Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the DPP and dual enrollment. To find responses specific to LBCC, classroom4.jpgvisit:

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Who can apply to the Degree Partnership Program?

Any student who meets the requirement of the DPP program or any current undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student at OSU. Admission requirements can be found on the Apply Now DPP webpage.

How is my tuition calculated?

You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state, or international) community college tuition and fees for courses taken at the partner school. You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state) OSU tuition and fees for courses taken at OSU.

What are the add/drop and tuition refund deadlines?

OSU - You may add and drop courses through the first seven-ten class days of each term (depending on the term). Add/drop fees will apply. The Tuition/Fee policies are published in the Schedule of Classes.

What are my payment options?

Please note that you are responsible for payment of charges at both institutions separately. Tuition payment options at OSU include:

  • You may make your cash payment at the Cashier's Window in the Kerr Administration Building.
  • You may mail a check in the return envelope that comes with your monthly statement.
  • Drop boxes are located at the OSU Bookstore and in the Kerr Administration Building. Please insert the payment in the return envelope. Drop box payments must be made by the 10th of every month to avoid interest charges.

When will I be billed?

OSU - Monthly statements will be mailed around the 20th of each month detailing all charges, credits, and payments to your account for the previous 30 days. Inquiry of your account through telephone, kiosk, or the Web will include fees/charges assessed to your account.

If there appears to be an error on your monthly statement, contact Business Affairs Student Accounts, 100 Kerr Administration Building, 541-737-3031

What if I cannot pay by the payment deadline?

OSU - The amount due on your statement becomes past due on the 11th of each month. Balances remaining on the 11th of the month will be assessed interest at the rates of 1 percent per month (12 percent APR) and may be subject to collection fees. If you are enrolled for the current term, you will be allowed to register for the following term only if your account balance does not exceed $2,200. If you are not currently enrolled, you must have your account balance paid in full in order to register. Requests for official transcripts will be denied until your account balance is paid in full.

When does the term start at OSU? When do I take finals?

OSU Academic Calendar

What if I get suspended from OSU, can I be in the Degree Partnership Program?

No - The DPP program is only for current students at the university.  If you are suspended while in the program, your DPP status will be removed from your account because you are no longer a current student and the community college will be notified.  The staff at the community college can assist you in meeting the requirement to be reinstated at OSU.  When you get reinstated to OSU, your DPP status will be added back to your OSU account and the community college will be notified that you have been reinstated to the DPP program.

How is my GPA calculated?

GPA is kept in two different ways.  You have an Institution GPA (OSU GPA) and Transfer GPA (from all other colleges and universities).  These two GPAs are not combined and your transfer GPA work will not be considered for university honors. Individual colleges and departments may consider course work done at other colleges for admission into professional programs or to meet program requirements.  The programs may combine course work and grades to calculate combined GPAs but these are not official calculations for the university.

Can I apply to the Degree Partnership Program if I have been suspended from OSU?

No- The DPP program is only for current students at the university.  If you are suspended, you are no longer a current student and therefore cannot be in the program.  You can apply directly to the community college you are interested in and they can assist you in being admitted as well as help you meet the requirements to get reinstated at OSU.

Can I live on campus at OSU?

All admitted DPP students are eligible to live in a residence hall or cooperative house at OSU. You can find information on housing at:

Can I attend the community college and use the services at OSU?

Yes.  You can send a request to student accounts ( requesting to pay the student fees for services. Be sure to include your OSU ID number and Date of Birth.  You can also go to the Student Accounts in the lobby of the Kerr Administration building and make the request in person.  You must pay ALL mandatory fees at the full-time rate.  As of fall term 2015-16 this rate is $524.11.  These services included access to Student Health Services, Recreation Sports (Dixon Rec Center), Counseling and Psychological Services, Memorial Union programs and services and OSU Athletic events.

I heard there is a bus that goes between the LBCC and OSU main campuses, is that true?

Yes. The Linn-Benton Loop bus provides transportation between the two main campuses.  In addition, show OSU or LBCC ID card and your fare is covered (free).  You can find a link here to get more information and "The Loop" schedule. Click HERE is a video about the Loop Bus.    Be sure to consult the schedule to make sure you can make connections before registering for classes.

How do my credits get from the Partner school to OSU?

At the end of each term, the Registrar's office at each community college will send the transcripts for each DPP student to OSU.  The Admissions office at OSU will then review the transcripts and add the new courses to your OSU transcript. This process takes approximately one month after the end of each term.  (Blue Mt. Community College DPP students must request a transcript be sent to OSU at this time)  If it has been longer than one month after the term has been completed and you do not see the courses taken on your OSU transcript, please contact the DPP Student Services Manager for assistance.

Do I need to have myself removed from the DPP program when I am done at the Community College?

No.  It is recommended that you stay enrolled in the program.  Even if you do not take additional community college courses, it will not impact your academic record.  If you decide to complete courses at the community college later, this makes transferring credits to OSU much easier.  It also prevents you from having to reapply to the program.  Once your home school is declaired for OSU, you will continue to have OSU as your home school until you request that it is changed.

What is a "Reverse Transfer?"

Reverse Transfer is yet another benefit just for DPP students!

Oregon State University has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College to help identify and award Associate degrees to students that have completed the degree requirements but may be unaware of this achievement.

At the conclusion of week six each term, the OSU Registrar's office will send OSU transcripts for qualifying degree partnership program students to Linn-Benton. Linn-Benton will evaluate the course work to determine if requirements have been met for an Associate degree at LBCC. LBCC will contact eligible students. 

The transfer of records from OSU to LBCC will cease once a student has been awarded an Associate degree from LBCC or applied for their Baccalaureate degree from OSU. We know our students work hard and we wish to see them justly awarded for the degrees they have earned.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, you may contact:

LBCC: Jane Tillman, or call 541-917-4912

OSU Registrar's Office: or call 541-737-4331