If you are eligible to apply and be admitted to OSU, then you are eligible to be in the DPP program. Requirements can be found here.

Before registering for any classes, it is essential that you know what courses you need to take for your degree at OSU. If you are a new or currently admitted OSU student, you must attend a START orientation program before you enroll in courses. If you will be admitted as a distance degree student, you will need to complete the Ecampus Online Oreintation program. International students should contact International Student Advising and Services (ISAS) at 541-737-6310.

Advising Resources for First Year Freshman DPP Students:

Step 1: Understand OSU's academic structure, and the main components of an OSU degree.

Step 2: You can also use these resources to understand what classes you will need to take for your OSU degree:

Step 3: Find a list of college advisors contacts to get major specific questions answered.

Step 4: Wanting to take some of your required courses at your partner school? Find out how your partner school's credits transfer in to OSU.

  • Credits from Oregon Institutions: 
    • For credits from Oregon colleges or universities, you can use our Articulation Tables.  
    • For two year colleges in Oregon and Hawaii, consult our Baccalaureate Core Equivalency Guide for Baccalaureate Core courses only (OSU’s general education requirements).
    • Transfer guides also provide course equivalency information between OSU and Oregon community colleges.
  • Create a transcript of your domestic transfer credits from inside and outside of Oregon:


Other Transfer Credit Resources