Ecampus or on-campus students who are newly admitted or current OSU students can add the DPP program to their admission status for free. Once in DPP, a student have 10 terms or 2 years before you have to take a class at OSU. During those 10 terms you have an "active student status" which means each of those 10 terms you would be able to “dual enroll” at both OSU and your partner school, or only take classes at OSU, or only take classes at the partner community college; it all will depend on your situation and what works best for you!

Benefits & Advantages

  • Is considered a student at OSU and the partner school of their choice.
  • Free to add DPP to your admission status!
  • Can take classes (ecampus or on-campus) at OSU and any of our 20 partner schools.
  • If a student is taking classes at both campuses at the same time,financial aid counts enrollment at both institutions for the same term (for qualified students).
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes through the community college, on-site at OSU, and with online courses offered though the OSU Ecampus.
  • Access to libraries, computer labs, and other services on both campuses (subject to an additional fee).
  • Eligibility to live in on-campus residences and participate in campus dining plan, whether you are taking classes at OSU or not.
  • Even if the student is not enrolled in an OSU course, they have access to many OSU student services and resources.
  • Apply for scholarships at both OSU and your partner school.
  • Planning on moving to Corvallis with yourself and/or your family in the next few years? Once you are a DPP student (even if you are not taking OSU classes), you can put your name on the Family Housing waitlist or the OSU Childcare waitlist!
  • Once you take an OSU class, you will be locked into a set of OSU degree catalog requirements (until then, your degree requirements will be subject to change).
  • Transcripts automatically sent from the partner college to OSU at the end of each term and articulated so you can see how your grades transfer and count towards your degree (MyDegrees).
  • Early access to your OSU advisor.

Term-by-term application deadlines