Students who are in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) have ten terms of an active student status at OSU, even if they decide not to take classes at OSU during those ten terms.

DPP students who are not taking on-campus courses are not automatically charged the student fees. Students need to be taking at least one on-campus credit in order to have full access to OSU services and resources. There are, however, many resources that students with an active student status have access to, regardless of paying fees or not.

Below is an on-going, ever-changing list of resources and services for DPP students who admitted to the Corvallis campus. The chart shows resources students have access to while taking an on-campus credit v. what DPP students who are admitted but not enrolled at OSU have access to. This list is ever-changing!

All students:
enrolled in
on-campus courses

All DPP students:
not enrolled in  
on-campus courses