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Degree Partnership 101 Nuts & Bolts

This session will cover the basics of the Degree Partnership Program from the how the program started to how the program works.  We will discuss the advantages and challenges facing the DPP Program

Presenters -

  • Danny Aynes, Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services, Linn Benton Community College
  • Rick DeBellis, Associate Director for Enrollment Management
    Degree Partnership Programs and Transfer Student Services, Oregon State University

DPP SUMMIT 2018 Nuts and bolts.pdf

Guided Pathways

What are guided pathways and how can they help student achieve.  In this session we will learn about LBCC’s new Guided Pathways program and how the implementation of this program will assist student to complete both associate degrees and progress on to earning bachelor’s degrees.  Emphasis on how the Degree Partnership Program can play an effective roll in this new and innovative program.

Presenters –

  • Ann Buchele – Vice President, Academic Affairs and Workforce Development, Linn-Benton Community College

DPP Final  GuidedPathways.pdf

Oregon Promise Demystified

OSAC staff will provide up-to-date information related to the Oregon Promise Grant, to help you support Oregon Promise students who are dual enrolled. The session will cover application criteria, award eligibility, and special dual enrollment considerations for Oregon Promise. Information about the Oregon Opportunity Grant will also be shared. Bring your questions!

Presenters –

  • Amy Keir, MNM, State Grants Administrator, Oregon office of Student Access and Completion

DPP Summit May 2018_Oregon Promise.pdf

Serving Veteran Students

The Mission of OSU Military and Veterans resources is to provide support to military service members, veterans, and their families studying at Oregon State University campuses, Ecampus, and the Degree Partnership locations in pursuit of their educational goals by assisting them in navigating the requirements of higher education, ensure their awareness of available benefits and services, and to achieve a successful learning experience at OSU. 

In this session, we will discuss the services, current projects, accomplishments, and successes and share resources that can assist you in developing programs at your school to better serve student veterans.

Presenter – 

  • Willie Elfering, Military and Veterans Resources Advisor, Oregon State University

DPP Presentation 2018.pdf

Serving Online Student with OSU Ecampus (Enrollment Services)
Most know that DPP and Oregon State Ecampus are a great fit for those students who plan to work toward their bachelor’s degree without spending their midday hours on OSU’s campus, but how does it actually work? In this short session, you will learn the benefits and resources provided to Ecampus students, as well as more specific information about how online learning works at OSU. Delivered by the Ecampus enrollment services team, this session will help you get a better grasp of online learning for community college and DPP students.

Presenter –

  • Celina Chang, Ecampus Enrollment Services Specialist
  • Melissa Whitney, Ecampus Enrollment Services Specialist

Joined by panelists form the Enrollment Services Team -

  • Olivia Bogdan, Ecampus Enrollment Services Specialist
  • Misty Unrau, Transcript Evaluator
  • Amy Theis, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services


Oregon House Bill 2998 – Update
In 2017, Oregon’s State Legislature passed House Bill 2998, a bill designed to streamline transfer between Oregon’s community colleges and public universities. The legislation directs the HECC to bring together a workgroup to establish common foundational curricula (minimum 30 credits) and major-specific unified statewide transfer agreements (USTAs) that create clear and comprehensive pathways for transfers between Oregon’s community colleges and public universities. Please join members of HECC’s HB 2998 Transfer Workgroup as they outline House Bill 2998 and provide an update on the progress towards establishing the foundational curricula and unified statewide transfer agreements.

Presenters –

  • Erin Mulvey, Transfer Transitions Coordinator, Oregon State University
  • Elizabeth Cox Brand, Executive Director, Oregon Student Success Center
    Oregon Community College Association
  • Carrie Randall, Academic Advisor, Linn-Benton Community College

Navigating the New Oregon Trail.pdf

OSU Open Campus – Developing Partnerships from the Community College to OSU
What is OSU Open Campus?
 Starting from the existing foundation of the OSU Extension programs and faculty members in each county, Open Campus has become the local bridge that builds collaboration and spans the boundaries that artificially separate the education sectors.  We engage the local K-12 system and community college, business, and governmental interests as partners to consider credit and non-credit professional, workforce and lifelong learning and options to address some of these needs. This session will provide examples of successful partnerships in Oregon communities that address  parent involvement in addressing dropout rates, community support for high school completion, workforce needs, BS/BA degree completion at community colleges, the Degree Partnership Program, etc..

Presenter –

  • Hollie Conger, Marketing, Events and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, OSU Open Campus
  • Jennifer Oppenlander, OSU Open Campus Manager

DPP Summit Presentation Open Campus.pdf


Co-Admission – Portland State University Partnership Program

Students in the co-admission program with PSU and one of the 6 partner community colleges (PCC, Mt Hood CC, Clackamas CC, Chemeketa CC, Clatsop CC, and Clark College) have a great opportunity to use both schools to accomplish their academic goals. In addition, students in this program have access to PSU services early on that can support a healthy transition from a community college to PSU.  Learn more about the PSU co-admission program and how students are supported.

Presenter –

  • Kelly Craig Stoner- , Transfer Admission Counselor, Portland State University

Degree Partnership Summit - Co-Admission.pdf

Family Resources Roundtable

Come learn about services provided through and Family Services at OSU and how these services can support students before, during and after the transition to OSU. 

Presenters –

  • Kristi King – Coordinator, Family Resource Center, Oregon State University


Financial Aid and the Degree Partnership Program: What a student needs to consider

NEWS FLASH – financial aid rules are complex! Add dual enrollment to the mix and things can become even trickier for a student to navigate. Come learn how financial aid assists DPP students meet their educational goals, and what extra considerations a DPP student will need to think about when deciding how best to use financial aid to earn their degree.

Presenters –

  • Regan Kaplan, Assistant Director for Financial Aid –
    Degree Partnership Programs, Oregon State University
  • Elaine Robinson, Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs 
    Linn-Benton Community College
Financial Aid & DPP summit 2018.pdf


Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services provides accommodations for students with disabilities.

This session will focus on documentation guidelines and how to assist students transitioning to OSU using accommodations.

Presenter –

  • Earlee Kerekes-Mishra, Manager of Intake, Retention and Transition
    Disability Access Services (DAS), Oregon State University
DPP DAS overview and info - final.pdf

OSU Ecampus Student Success

In this session, OSU Ecampus Student Success Counselors will discuss how we partner with students to improve academic skills, identify support resources and address obstacles to academic success using a developmental coaching model. Within this session, we hope to share information on how we can support DPP students throughout their educational journey through our First Term Success Canvas course, academic coaching, and success counseling. We will share a brief overview of our coaching model and the impact we have seen so far with new and transfer students.

Presenters –

  • Brittni Racek, Student Success Counselor, OSU Ecampus
  • Rebeka Phelps, Student Success Counselor, OSU Ecampus
DPP Success Counseling 2018.pdf

Designing a Better Transfer Student Experience

Transfer students come from many different backgrounds and have diverse, past educational and life experiences.  This poses a challenge when we try to design one process, system, or policy for all transfer students.  Join us for this interactive session where you’ll work in small groups to use student-centered design methods like empathy mapping to envision the transfer experience from a student point-of-view.

Presenter –

  • Alex Aljets, University Innovation Alliance Fellow, Oregon State University
  • Erin Mulvey, Transfer Transitions Coordinator, Oregon State University

Designing a Better Transfer Student Experience.pdf

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