At the point of Admissions into OSU as a DPP student, students have the options of:

  1. Just take classes at your partner school while having an active student status at OSU which comes with access to many OSU resources. You can do this for up to ten terms (about 2 years);
  2. Just take classes at OSU knowing you can take classes at your partner school should you need to; or
  3. You can "Dual Enroll" or take classes on both campuses during any given term (financial aid has the potential to count credits on both campuses towards your enrollment level).

Benefits of DPP


Is considered a student at OSU and the partner school of their choice, so they have access to both campus resources.


  • One application and one application fee.
  • By taking some of the required 100 and 200 level courses at a community college, students overall costs will go down as tuition is less at the community colleges.
  • Apply for scholarships at both OSU and your partner school.
  • If a student is taking classes at both campuses at the same time, financial aid counts enrollment at both institutions for the same term (for qualified students)


  • Access to the OSU advisor and MyDegrees so students know what classes they need in order to receive their OSU degree.
  • Once you take an OSU class, you will be locked into a set of OSU degree catalog requirements.
  • Transcripts automatically sent from the partner college to OSU at the end of each term and are updated in MyDegrees demonstrating how credits are counting towards your OSU degree.
    (Blue Mt. CC students must request transcripts sent to OSU each term to have coursework added to their OSU record.  BMCC transcripts online at )

Transition to OSU

If taking all courses at the partner school, the student has an active OSU student status for up to 10 terms (2 years). This active student status gives students access to resources that can help with the transition into OSU. This is great for Oregon Promise and/or transfer students.