Summit 2016 Presentations


Program Title/Description

Presentation Materials

Keynote Address: Creating Pathways to Student Success
Connie Green, President, Tillamook Bay Community College


Creating Pathways Keynote

DPP Admissions
Rick DeBellis, Oregon State University

Admissions DPP

Disability Access Services Partnership Brainstorming
Carol Raymundo (LBCC) and Earlee Kerekes-Mishra (OSU)


Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) Partnerships
Angela Spencer, Oregon Health and Science University


Financial Aid and DPP 101
Collyn Arnold, Oregon State University

Finaid 2015

Curriculum Alignment 101
Marla Edge, Oregon Institute of Technology
Katie Winder, Linn-Benton Community College

Curricular Allignment

5th Year Program High School Students
Susan Roberts, Clackamas Community College
Larry Cheyne, Clackamas Community College

No presentation


Conduct and Partnership Roundtable Discussion
Carl Yeh, Oregon State University

No presentation

College/University Updates

Collegiate Updates

Advising Partnership Students: Making the best of both campuses
Angie Klampe, Linn-Benton Community College
Claire Colvin, Oregon State University
Advising Partnership Students


International Students and DPP
Rachael Weber, Oregon State University
 Not Available Yet
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM (LSAMP) and DPP
Marleigh Perez, Oregon State University
Reverse Transfer Round Table
Marla Edge, Oregon Institute of Technology

No presentation

DPP Veteran Services
Cathy Walker and OSU’s Veteran Workgroup,
Oregon State University
Student Veterans DPP
Distance Education and DPP
Amy Riley, Oregon State University
Distance Education
Community Colleges:  Making it Work to Reach 40-40-20
Lisa Renoylds, Community Workforce and Development
Larry Cheyne, Clackamas Community College
CC Making it work

Summit 2013 Presentations

Degree Partnership Summit Summary, PDF

International DPP Instructions, PDF

Concurrent Enrollment Form, PDF

DPP Advisors Toolkit, PDF

Degree Partnership Nuts & Bolts, PDF

DAS Presentation, PDF

Education Abroad Presentation, PDF

Pathways to Success, PDF

Online Learners and DPP, PDF

DPP Web Resources, PDF

Oregon Open Campus Presentation, PowerPoint

DPP Veterans Presentation, PDF

Prospective Veterans Brochure, PDF

Current Student Veterans Brochure, PDF

Veterans Handout, PDF

Summit 2008 Presentations

DPP & Financial Aid MS Powerpoint, MS Powerpoint, 2mb

Assessing Our Success, MS Powerpoint, .2mb

DPP Services, MS Powerpoint, 1.8mb

The DPP Experience, MS Powerpoint, .1mb

Summit 2006 Presentations Archives

2006 Degree Partnership Program Summit Overview, MS Powerpoint, 92kb

Pathways through Online (aka Distance) Education, MS Powerpoint, 5mb

Building Partnerships in Michigan: Bridges, Bumps and Battles - Macomb to Oakland, MS Powerpoint, 882kb

Retention and Graduation of Degree Partnership Students, MS Powerpoint, 140kb

DPP Admissions, MS Powerpoint, 100kb

DPP Marketing and Recruitment, MS Powerpoint, 697kb

DPP Student Services, MS Powerpoint, 131kb

Summit 2005 Presentation Archives

What is the Dual Enrollment Program? MS Powerpoint, 89kb

Records, Registration, FERPA, and Calendars, MS Powerpoint, 95kb

Dual Enrollment Programs Financial Aid, MS Powerpoint, 570kb

Electronic Data Interchange, MS Powerpoint, 404kb

Billing and Money Matters, MS Powerpoint, 95kb

Dual Student Services, MS Powerpoint, 129kb

One Application, One Fee, One Decision, MS Powerpoint, 152kb

Dual Recruitment and Marketing, MS Powerpoint, 132kb

Online Courses, MS Powerpoint, 6.5mb