Transfer credits:

Transferring from one institution to another is not easy! Many students want to know how their credits will transfer and how they will count toward an OSU degree. While we do not officially articulate transfer credits (show how each transfer credit transfers into OSU and how they count towards your degree) until you have applied, are admitted, and let us know you are coming to OSU, we do have tools you can use to do this work in advance of our official credit evaluation. Once you are admitted and committed to coming to OSU, we will complete an Advanced Standing Report which is OSU’s official evaluation of any transfer credits submitted by in during the admissions process.

Doing a self-guided, unofficial evaluation of your transfer credit

Step 1: Understand OSU's academic structure and the main components of an OSU degree.

Step 2: Determine how your credits transfer

Step 3: Now see how the credits count towards your OSU degree!

Other Resources:

Step 4: Please contact us if you have any questions.

Transfer guides: