Remember, every partner school operates differently! If you have just been admitted to OSU, you should receive an email from your partner school telling you about next steps at their institution within 2 weeks of being admitted to OSU. If you would like to contact your partner school directly, view the contact lists.

Also, remember that you have 10 terms (over 2 years) from the term you are admitted before you have to take a course at OSU. Review the many advantages of being in DPP so you can maximize your DPP experience.

I am admitted to OSU as a DPP student and I am not planning to attend OSU right away; now what?

1. Register for ONID

2. Confirm Enrollment

3. Use Advising Resources (and other OSU services) NOW

4. Financial Aid Information

5. Identify OSU Resources

6. Immunization Records

7. Review DPP Advantages

8. Use MyOSU

9. Ready to take a course at OSU?

Sign-up for ONID

Register for your ONID Account for access to your OSU email, login capabilities to OSU systems, and more.

Confirm Enrollment

DO NOT PAY YOUR $200 Advanced Tuition Deposit (ATD) to confirm your enrollment. If you do not plan on attending OSU for the term in which you were admitted, then you do not need to pay your ATD.

Instead, you will receive an email from OSU Admissions Office each term you are an active DPP student and it will ask you to take a survey called the "Intent to Enroll Survey". The survey will ask if you plan on attending OSU during the next term. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL THIS OUT UNTIL THE TERM BEFORE YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING.

In the meantime, as we receive your transcripts from your partner school, your MyDegrees will be updated.

* This is NOT the same survey as the Home School Survey or the "Cancel Registration for..." survey!!!!

* If you have questions on this, contact Admissions: 541-737-4411 or toll-free: 800-291-4192!


Use OSU Advising Resources

It is very important to make sure the classes you take at your partner school will transfer and count towards your OSU degree. Here are some ways to do that.

  • MyDegrees: MyDegrees is a web-based degree checklist program and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in reviewing degree progress. It organizes a student's academic transcript chronologically and categorically, identifying courses they have completed and courses still needed to fulfill the degree requirements. To log-in visit
  • Learn what your OSU courses are called at your community college by using our articulation tables.
  • Learn which Baccalaureate Core courses are available at your community college by using our Baccalaureate Core   Equivalency Guide.
  • Connect with an advisor if you have not done so to be sure that the courses you take at the community college are counting towards your OSU degree!

Find a step-by-step advising guide.

Apply for financial aid every year

Make sure you fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or complete the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA), available for Oregonian undocumented students. Both applications are available annually in October and you should complete them as soon as you can for maximum financial aid consideration.

Make sure you understand how financial aid works as a DPP student by watching this video!

Identify your OSU resources early

OSU has a variety of resources and services for the whole person. Start learning about them now! Find out what services you have access to even if not enrolled at OSU.

Submit Immunization Records

All on-campus students must submit health history and immunization information to Student Health Services. If they are not handed in, you may receive a student account hold, so plan ahead!

Review DPP Advantages

Make sure you understand and take full take advantage of your DPP student status and maximize the DPP experience.


Get familiar with and use your MyOSU as it permits you to conduct much of your business with the university. From MyOSU you may add/drop/withdraw courses, update your current mailing address, view unofficial transcripts, order official transcripts, view and pay your bills, access your personal information, review financial aid information, and much more.

Ready for your first OSU course?

Every OSU student is required to participate in an orientation before enrolling in courses. You will need to participate in the orientation prior to the term in which you plan on taking an OSU course. 

Register for an orientation early on, plan at least one term in advance. Contact your advisor for any questions!