Post Bacc students must apply to OSU as a Post Bacc student. Once you have applied, been admitted, have indicated you will be attending OSU, and set up your ONID username and password, you can add DPP to your admission status for free! Here are some advising resources that may be helpful now or in the future:

Taking classes at a domestic college or university?  Find out what classes to take pre-transfer.

Get an idea as to how your current credits may transfer and count here at OSU by following steps 1-4:

Step 1: Understand OSU's academic structure, and the main components of an OSU degree.

Step 2: Determine how your credits transfer.

  • Credits from Oregon Institutions: 
    • For credits from Oregon colleges or universities, you can use our Articulation Tables.  
    • For two year colleges in Oregon and Hawaii, consult our Baccalaureate Core Equivalency Guide for Baccalaureate Core courses only (OSU’s general education requirements).
    • Transfer guides also provide course equivalency information between OSU and Oregon community colleges.
  • Create a transcript of your domestic transfer credits from inside and outside of Oregon:

Step 3: Now see how the credits count towards your OSU degree!

Step 4: Please contact us if you have any questions!

Want to take all of your courses at your partner school? No problem!

You have 10 terms before you need to start taking classes at OSU. It is important to know that in order to get locked into a set of OSU Catalog Requirements for a specific major, students need to take at least one OSU class. DPP students may want to consider

Other Transfer Credit Resources

Transfer guides:

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College of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Transfer Guides

College of Education Double Degree Transfer Guide

College of Engineering Transfer Guides

College of Forestry Transfer Guides

College of Liberal Arts Information and Guides

College of Pharmacy Transfer Guides

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