Ecampus or on-campus OSU students who are newly admitted or currently enrolled at OSU can add the DPP program to their admission status for free. Once in DPP, a student will have 10 terms or 2.5 years before you have to take a class at OSU. During those 10 terms you will hold an "active student status" which means for each of those 10 terms there is the eligibility to “dual enroll” at both OSU and your partner school, or only take classes at OSU, or only take classes at the partner community college; it all will depend on your situation and what works best for you!

here are some of the advantages of DPP.

Are you already a DPP student and want to add DPP with a different school?

Simply complete another DPP application by following the application instructions! This time, add DPP and list your new partner school. Please know that financial aid can only count credits between OSU and one other school, so please email your financial aid advisor here at OSU at [email protected] and let them know with which partner school they should be communicating.