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Dual Enrollment at OSU and Community College

Undergraduate Degree Partner Program

Welcome to the Degree Partnership Program (DPP)! The DPP is a collaboration between Oregon State University and our community college partners in Oregon and Hawaii that seeks to provide a flexible and affordable pathway for incoming and current students towards receiving a bachelor's degree.

Previously named the "Dual Enrollment" program, DPP allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State and any of our community college partner schools.

What are the enrollment options?

After admission into the DPP program, most students have the option to:

  1. Take classes at the community college partner school while having an active student status at OSU. This status is allowed for up to ten quarter terms before you have to take your first OSU course (about 2 years).
  2. Take classes at OSU and only take classes at your partner school should you need to.
  3. "Dual Enroll" and take classes on both campuses during any given term (financial aid has the potential to count credits on both campuses towards your enrollment level).

Note: International students may only take courses at Portland or Linn-Benton community colleges.

Who can participate in the Degree Partnership Program?

The following student classifications can enroll in the program:

  • Current students at OSU.
  • Students transferring from another school into OSU.
  • Prospective students applying for either a bachelor’s program at OSU or a community college degree.
  • Post-baccalaureate students, as long as they are admitted and current in a program at OSU.
  • International students not involved with the INTO program. Learn more.

The following student classifications cannot enroll the program:

  • Graduate students at OSU.
  • Non-Degree seeking students at OSU/in general.
  • International students involved with the INTO program.

What are the residency regulations?

  • You may live in any state and participate in the DPP program. However, tuition for each school will be based on your state of residency. Both residency determinations are independent of one another and do not impact the partner institution's decision.
  • Residency for Tuition Purposes: Oregon State University makes residency determinations for students taking OSU courses based upon the rules outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 580-010-0030. The community college will make residency determinations for students taking community college courses based on different rules.
  • For more information contact the admission office at the respective schools on the specific residency policy.

It’s easy to apply!

It's a simple process! Your application process is dependent on your student type. Learn about the application deadlines, requirements and processes to get started.

When you’re done, the DPP will be added your account at OSU and it will be processed by the community college you selected within 14 business days. You’ll receive instructions for your next steps from both Oregon State and your partner school.

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