Any international student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree who are not enrolled through the INTO program are eligible to enroll in the Degree Partnership Program. International students must be currently enrolled and taking classes at Oregon State before they are eligible for dual enrollment.

Admissions Requirements

International students may participate in the Degree Partnership Program and take classes at both Oregon State and a local community college. However, some program options are limited.

  1. International students involved with the INTO program cannot enroll in DPP.
  2. International students must be enrolled and taking classes at Oregon State University BEFORE they can apply for DPP.
  3. At least 3 credits must be taken on-campus at Oregon State each term they are enrolled in DPP.

Academic Requirements

Application Instructions

If you are not an OSU student.

If you have not yet been fully admitted into OSU, you will first need to apply as an international OSU student. Only enrolled OSU international students qualify for admittance into the DPP (not INTO).

If you are an OSU student.

Once you have finished your first term at OSU, contact you International Student Advisor to talk about your academic plans with the program and make sure all visa, sponsorship, academic requirements, etc. are being met.

You can then follow the step-by-step instructions and apply as a current OSU student adding DPP.

Once enrolled in the DPP, students must meet with an ISAS advisor every term to fill out the “concurrent enrollment form” and continue to take 3 credits at OSU each term (on-campus or Ecampus).