If you have just been admitted to OSU, you should receive an email from your partner school within 2 weeks of being admitted to OSU. If you would like to contact your partner school directly, view the contact lists.

Now that you have been admitted into DPP you have options available:

  • You are already taking courses at OSU and want to begin taking courses at a community college.
  1. Continue registering for classes at OSU as you normally would.
  2. Contact the partner community college about orientation and registration.
  • You are new to OSU and will be taking classes right away.
  1. OSU Orientation
  2. OSU Registration for Classes
  • You will be waiting to attend OSU classes for at least one quarter.
  1. You have 10 terms (over 2 years), from the term you are admitted, before you have to take a course at OSU. 
  2. Review the many advantages of being admitted to Oregon State in DPP so you can maximize your DPP experience. Even if you’re not enrolled.

Are you already a DPP student and want to add DPP with a different school?

To attend another community college while you are in DPP, complete another DPP application by following the application instructions! This time, add DPP and list your new partner school.

Financial aid can only count credits between OSU and one other partner school. Email your OSU financial aid advisor at [email protected] and let them know with which partner school they should be communicating.