The application process for prospective Degree Partnership Program students is slightly different, depending on where you are in your academic career. This page explains the process and details that will assist your entrance into the DPP.

Admissions Deadlines

Admissions Requirements and Application Processes

Prospective Students not Enrolled in Oregon State

Students not enrolled in either a community college or Oregon State must meet the enrollment requirements for admission to OSU. The list of partner schools will direct you to your community college website for more information.

New first-year applicants to Oregon State (on-campus and Ecampus) are admitted to the DPP program based on first-year freshman student requirements and start their college careers being admitted at both OSU and the partner school of their choice. After being admitted, DPP students have the option of taking classes at their partner school only (while still having an active OSU student status), at OSU only, or they can truly dual-enroll and take classes at both locations.

Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Oregon State University

There are many advantages for current Oregon State students that wish to have dual enrollment at an Oregon or Hawai’i community college.

Students who are enrolled in Oregon State must also apply through OSU Admissions to add their community college so they can enroll in classes. 

If you are already admitted into OSU, then you need to fill out the free application. Once you submit your application:

  • We will enter you into our system.
  • Your information will be sent to your partner school the following week after your application is submitted.
  • Your partner school will enter you into their system.
  • Your partner school will contact you via email.
  • This process could take 2-3 weeks. If it has been longer than 2-3 weeks, please contact us!

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Post-Baccalaureate or "Post-Bacc." students must first apply to OSU as Postbaccalaureate Student. Once you have applied, been admitted, and indicated you will be attending OSU you can add DPP to your admission status for free!

If you are already admitted into OSU as a degree-seeking post-baccalaureate student and are in good academic standing, then you can easily add the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) to your admission status.

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