Degree Partnership Program and Oregon Promise

The Oregon Promise provides affordable access for Oregon residents to higher education.  If you are eligible for Oregon Promise and want to be a part of Beaver Nation now or in the future, you have options as a Degree Partnership Program (DPP) student! DPP allows you to be considered a student at both Oregon State University and any of our Oregon community college partners.

When you’re ready, learn more about the financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students enrolled int he Degree Partnership Program.

To recieve the Oregon Promise - You must have the community college designated as your Home School for financial aid - Oregon Promise will only pay for courses at the community college and will not apply towards classes taken at OSU.

Which option is right for you?

  • Option 1:  Dual enroll at a community college (using Oregon Promise) and OSU.
  • Option 2:  Enroll at only your community college (using Oregon Promise) and then at OSU later.
  • Option 3:  Enroll only at OSU using OSU scholarships and aid.

Option 1:  Dual Enrollment

Participation in DPP allows students to dual-enroll at both OSU and an Oregon community college.  A student could, therefore, receive a portion of their Oregon Promise for the courses taken at the community college (6 credits per term minimum), while getting started on coursework at OSU.  DPP participation has many advantages as it allows these students to live in our residence halls while doing so.

The drawback is that students are not able to use any OSU scholarships offered to them as an incoming freshman while they collect on their Oregon Promise at the community college.  

DPP students wishing to dual-enroll may receive any offered OSU scholarships on the Corvallis campus so long as they enroll in the term for which they were admitted in at least six credits and claim OSU as their home school for financial aid purposes.  DPP students enrolled this way would also get any available financial aid from OSU and your aid would count coursework taken at the community college toward full-time enrollment.  Note, this is not an option if you also want to get Oregon Promise at your community college, because Oregon Promise requires the community college to be the homeschool.

Visit the main DPP students page for information on DPP benefits, how financial aid works when students are dual-enrolled, and more!

Option 2:  Enroll at only your community college (using Oregon Promise) and then at Oregon State later.

Students wishing to take full advantage of Oregon Promise may choose to enroll only at their community college to start.  By participating in DPP, these students will have 10 terms before they have to take a course at OSU, but within those 10 terms, they will have an active student status at OSU. This means students can continue to receive all the benefits of DPP, including access to OSU advising, credits transferred to OSU each term, and the ability to enroll at OSU when they are ready to make the transition.

Option 3:  Start directly at Oregon State.

In some cases, it may be to your benefit to enroll full-time at OSU and not take Oregon Promise funds at a community college.  This may be the case when the four-year scholarship offered to you by OSU is greater than the two-year value of Oregon Promise at a community college.  This occurs because OSU scholarships are more readily available to new incoming freshmen than to transfers.

For example, a student offered an annual $6,000 Academic Achievement Scholarship who is not Pell or Oregon Opportunity eligible would pay zero towards tuition and fees for two years at a community college, followed by approximately $22,000 over the next two years ($11,000 per year) at OSU if they chose to take Oregon Promise.  If they chose to enroll at OSU for all four years, they’d receive $6,000 per year in scholarships each year and pay approximately $20,000 over four years ($5,000 per year) in tuition and fees.

Scholarship-eligible students who qualify for Pell and Oregon Opportunity Grant funding fair even better when they start at OSU.

Oregon State application directions

  • Add DPP to your admissions status for free.
  • Apply to OSU as a transfer DPP student.
  • Apply to OSU as a first-year freshman DPP student.

Need help making sense of your options? 

OSU enrollment representatives are available to help students and families understand these situations, so please contact us to have your questions answered!

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