DPP Orientation and Transition

DPP Orientation and Transition

This page will present basic information you will need to know after you have been admitted to the DPP. If you still have questions, either look to the FAQ page or contact us directly.

Your Transition to Oregon State: Fall/Spring/Winter Terms

Be sure to take advantage of OSU's three-step approach to welcoming and orienting new students who enter fall term.

1st step: You will receive information about participating in START (the summer registration and advising program required of all new students entering fall term) or term orientation (students entering spring or winter terms). START is a great way to learn about Oregon State,  the OSU student experience, and how to make the most of your time as a DPP student. Prior to registering for your first term classes, you must attend a START or orientation program.  If you are a distance degree student, you will need to complete the Ecampus Online Orientation program.

You will meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan and get access to register for classes only AFTER you attend START/term orientation.

2nd step: OSU Welcome Week is a five-day orientation program to help you adjust to OSU life during the first few days on campus. The week includes over 200 academic and social programs where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with other new and current students in addition to faculty and staff.

3rd step: U-ENGAGE is a 2-credit course that helps you investigate an academic area of interest, as well as learn more about OSU. In a smaller class environment, you will join other new students who share an interest in exploring a particular academic area. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of campus resources and explore the tips and habits of highly successful students.

You may also choose to register at a makeup START session during OSU CONNECT, the week before classes begin.

Contact New Student Programs & Family Outreach office for additional questions or guidance.

Partner School Orientation and Registration

Each DPP partner school may approach orientation differently. Below are the specifics of OSU’s partner schools.


Freshman Students: Student intending to take CCC coursework during their first year in college should attend a New Student Advising Session for registration information and course selection assistance. These sessions occur prior to registration for each term. For more information, and to sign up for a session, please visit https://onlineapplication.clackamas.edu/. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

Students with more than 30 earned college credits: Students should schedule an appointment prior to registration at CCC with an academic advisor. For advisor locations and contact information, please visit https://onlineapplication.clackamas.edu/.


If you are beginning credit classes please link to the Steps to Enroll in Credit Classes at the Apply and Enroll link in the upper left-hand corner of Lane's website at https://www.lanecc.edu/.  This will lead you to the Steps to Enroll for Prior College and First Time in College Students.

For more information write to [email protected]


Orientation is required for dual enrollment students at LBCC and OSU the first term of attendance at each institution. When you are admitted to the Degree Partnership Program, you will be notified of student orientation times and dates for the upcoming quarter. You should plan to attend orientation just prior to enrolling in each school. For dates and times contact: Nancy Morrill, LBCC Admissions Office, 541-917-4811

Students Attending LBCC for the First Time - All Quarters

new student orientation is offered all quarters. Call 541-917-4811 for time and date.


Contact the PCC Admissions Office, 971-722-8888 (option 2), to schedule your new student orientation.
Toll free number for PCC 866-922-1010 (option 1, then option 2)

  • If you have attended OSU but not PCC, you do not have to attend a new student orientation at PCC, attendance is encouraged. Call the PCC Admissions Office at 971-722-8888 to schedule your new student orientation.
  • If you have attended both OSU and PCC, contact the appropriate academic advisor (see below) to schedule your courses. In order to participate in dual enrollment, you must receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from your advisor.
  • International students are required to attend orientation at the “homeschool". You will be notified of the date and time after being admitted. For OSU international student orientation, contact the International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS) 541-737-3006. For PCC international student orientation, call 971-722-8888(option 2).