When do I apply? How do I apply?

The application deadlines are 4 weeks before the beginning of each term.

When does the term start at OSU? When do I take finals?

OSU Academic Calendar

How do I choose a partner community college?

You can select any of the partner Oregon or Hawaii Community Colleges.  Most students choose one that is close to where they live.  If you are in the Corvallis area you may choose Linn-Benton Community College and take on-campus classes both OSU and LBCC. 

If you do not live in the area, you can choose your local CC and take classes at one of our other campuses. For example, if you live in the Portland area, you can choose PCC, Mt Hood CC, or Clackamas CC and take classes on campus at the community college and then take OSU Ecampus classes.

Students can be admitted to DPP with more than one partner community college but will select only one community college as their primary partner school for financial aid purposes. If OSU is your “home school”, and you plan to take classes at more than one of your community college partners in a term, please contact the OSU Office of Financial Aid at [email protected] to let them know. They will not automatically count credits from more than one DPP partner community college for financial aid eligibility, so it is important to communicate your enrollment plans with the financial aid office. 

How is my tuition calculated?

You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state, or international) community college tuition and fees for courses taken at the partner school. You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state) OSU tuition and fees for courses taken at OSU. Both residency determinations are independent of one another and do not impact the partner institution's decision.

What are the add/drop and tuition refund deadlines?

OSU - You may add and drop courses through the first seven-ten class days of each term (depending on the term). Add/drop fees will apply. The Tuition/Fee policies are published in the Schedule of Classes.

How does billing and paying my bill work?

Please note that you are responsible for payment of charges at both institutions separately. You will want to review the Student Billing webpage for OSU as well as the same page at your partner community college.  Please note that our billing systems are not connected.  

How is my GPA calculated?

GPA is kept in two different ways.  You have an Institution GPA (OSU GPA) and Transfer GPA (from all other colleges and universities).  These two GPAs are not combined and your transfer GPA work will not be considered for university honors. Individual colleges and departments may consider course work done at other colleges for admission into professional programs or to meet program requirements.  The programs may combine course work and grades to calculate combined GPAs but these are not official calculations for the university.

How do my credits get from the Partner school to OSU?

At the end of each term, the Registrar's office at each community college will send the transcripts for each DPP student to OSU.  The Admissions office at OSU will then review the transcripts and add the new courses to your OSU transcript. This process takes approximately one month after the end of each term.  (Blue Mt. Community College DPP students must request a transcript be sent to OSU at this time)  

If it has been longer than one month after the term has been completed and you do not see the courses taken on your OSU transcript, please contact the DPP Staff for assistance.

Students can only transfer in 135 quarter credit hours from all colleges, universities, military or AP credit. Students can take additional classes but only able to count the maximum number.  Students can work with their academic advisor to determine which credits the best fit within their academic program if they are over the limit.

Do you need a pre-requisite override for Linn-Benton CC or other community college?

For students needing a pre-requisite override request at Linn-Benton Community College, please complete this form. For students taking classes at other partner schools, please contact the department that offers the course at the community college for additional assistance.  If you need a pre-requisite override for a course at OSU.  Please contact the department offering the course for details on how to request an override.

Are there a maximum number of credits a student can earn in the DPP program?

Students can transfer in a maximum of 135 quarter credit hours from all previously attended institutions. They can take additional classes but will only be able to count the 135 credits. Students can work with advisors to determine which credits best fit within their program if they are over the limit.

How do Advanced Standing Reports (ASR) work with the DPP program?

Once a student is admitted to the program the ASR is completed and updated after each term by admissions.


  • End of the term: CC sends Transcripts to OSU after grades are posted
  • Admissions: Process the CC transcripts and a new ASR is generated.
  • Process takes 4-6 weeks after the transcript is received from the CC

Can I attend the community college and use the services at OSU?

Yes.  If you are taking all of your classes at your community college,  you still have access to some OSU resources and services.

If you want full access to all student services at OSU, you can send a request to student accounts ([email protected]) requesting to pay the student fees for services. Be sure to include your OSU ID number and Date of Birth in your request.  You can also go to the Student Accounts in the lobby of the Kerr Administration building and make the request in person. You will have to be enrolled in classes at your partner school. You must pay ALL mandatory fees at the full-time rate. Review the student fee funded services.

I am a DPP student who is choosing to enroll in classes at both OSU and a partnering community college for the first term. Do I have to pay the ATD?

Yes, you will need to pay the ATD because you are taking classes at OSU and the deposit holds your seat in the classes you will enroll in for your first term.

If I am a DPP student but I am choosing to only take classes at the community college as an OSU student in my first term, do I have to pay the ATD?

No. The ATD is a deposit toward classes at OSU for the first term you were admitted to, but since you are only enrolling at the community college that will count as your commitment to OSU, we do not need the deposit.

What are my housing options as a DPP Student?

All admitted DPP students are eligible to live in an OSU residence hall, even if the student is not taking any OSU courses. In any term, we have DPP students taking all of their classes at their partner school and they are living on the OSU campus in one of our resident halls. Learn more about the opportunities and housing options at OSU.

A DPP student living on campus who is not taking at least one OSU credit is not automatically charged student fees and thus may not have access to student fee funded services. DPP students not taking OSU courses may pay student fees if desired and arrangements can be made with Student Finance

Do I need to have myself removed from the DPP program when I am done at the Community College?

We generally do not remove DPP from students accounts.  It doesn’t hurt anything to have it on your record and if at any time you need to pick up an additional course at the community college, you are able to do that and combine the credits for financial aid purposes.  If you don’t use it… no worries.  Many students discover that at the end of their time at OSU they have extra elective credits they need to earn and opt to do them at the community college.  This will remain an option for you.  The DPP program is transcript transparent.  It is not listed on your diploma or on your transcript that you were in the program.  Only that you have transfer credits.

If you want to have DPP removed from your account, You will need to send an email from your OSU email account to the Registrar’s office ([email protected]) with your OSU ID number and request.   If you are still in the Admission Process (have not yet gone through Orientation at OSU) , please email [email protected]  They will be able to put an end date on your account.

What if I get suspended from OSU, can I be in the Degree Partnership Program?

No - The DPP program is only for current students at the university.  If you are suspended while in the program, your DPP status will be removed from your account because you are no longer a current student and the community college will be notified. Similarly, you cannot apply to the DPP program separately if you were previously suspended from OSU and are not an active student.  The staff at the community college can assist you in meeting the requirement to be reinstated at OSU.  When you get reinstated to OSU, your DPP status will be added back to your OSU account and the community college will be notified that you have been reinstated to the DPP program.

What is a "Reverse Transfer?"

Reverse Transfer is yet another benefit just for DPP students!

Oregon State University has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College to help identify and award Associate degrees to students that have completed the degree requirements but may be unaware of this achievement.

At the conclusion of week six each term, the OSU Registrar's office will send OSU transcripts for qualifying degree partnership program students to Linn-Benton. Linn-Benton will evaluate the course work to determine if requirements have been met for an Associate degree at LBCC. LBCC will contact eligible students. 

The transfer of records from OSU to LBCC will cease once a student has been awarded an Associate degree from LBCC or applied for their Baccalaureate degree from OSU. We know our students work hard and we wish to see them justly awarded for the degrees they have earned.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, you may contact:

OSU Registrar's Office: [email protected] or call 541-737-4331

I heard there is a bus that goes between the LBCC and OSU main campuses, is that true?

Yes. The Linn-Benton Loop bus provides transportation between the two main campuses.  In addition, show OSU or LBCC ID card and your fare is covered (free).  Get more information and "The Loop" schedule. Video about the Loop Bus. Be sure to consult the schedule to make sure you can make connections before registering for classes.